Internet Services

The Town of Smoky Lake is now offering high-speed LTE internet.

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Enjoy fast, reliable local internet.
  • Basic 5
    5 Mbps -  $50/m
  • Fast 15
    15 Mbps -  $65/m
  • Pro 25
    25 Mbps -  $75/m
  • Pro+ 50
    50 Mbps -  $95/m

100Mbps Service coming Spring 2021!What speeds do I need?
The package you would benefit most from is determined from what you use your internet for and the amount of devices connected. Basic 5 is great for streaming HD content on Netflix for a single user while Pro 25 is best for a user who streams at 4K resolution. The higher the speed, the less wait time for loading and downloading content depending on where that content is located and how many devices are using your bandwidth.

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