Welcome to Smoky Lake

The town is recognized as the Pumpkin Capital of Alberta and the home of the annual Great White North Pumpkin Fair. This combined with the Smoky Lake Stampede and other events throughout the year makes the town a must visit. Residents and visitors enjoy a state of the art Golf Club, a Spray Park for the kids a Curling Rink and even the Complex Ice Arena. With many Restaurants, HotelsAlberta Registries, Hardware Store, and even a fully equipped Hospital . The town offers most of the services of the city without the line ups and traffic.

With several Boreal Forest campsites within a 15 minute drive of the town, many are choosing the Smoky Lake region for their weekend activities.

Town of Smoky Lake

Equipment and Contractor Registration

The Town of Smoky Lake is accepting registrations for available  
 gravel trucks, trailers, water trucks, and road construction 
equipment (e.g., grader, skid steer) for hire when needed.



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