Nekinan Lodge

Nekinan Lodge is a modern Métis heritage home offering clean and comfortable accommodations in the Smoky Lake area. You will feel at home the second you walk through the doors; every detail is taken into consideration, from the Métis artwork and keepsakes lining the shelves to the large family-style kitchen. The hardest part will be saying goodbye.



  • Private and shared accommodation 
  • Queen Posturepedic mattresses 
  • Short to long-term stays for students, workers, and their families. 

Nekinan Lodge offers the comforts of home and relaxation that come from staying at a lodge. Every room is uniquely decorated with artwork, quilts, and restored furniture sourced from around the province. You will feel the love and attention to detail as you enter. No two rooms are the same, just like your family home. 


  • Rooms for group facilitation, workshops, and retreats
  • Free Wi-fi and shared satellite TV


  • Common space with games and entertainment
  • Delicious home-cooked meals 
  • Outdoor dining with fire pit and BBQ area
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