H. A. Kostash School serves three communities – Waskatenau on the Western boundary, Smoky Lake in the middle, and Bellis on the east. The school accommodates approximately

330 students and offers programming from Great Beginnings to grade 12.

Successful leadership initiatives have been undertaken throughout the school.  Elementary and junior high students participate in the STAR (Show Thankfulness Appreciation and Respect) program and high school students are enrolled in a leadership course.  Students are encouraged to design and participate in inclusive activities which are fun and educational for the entire school population.  We pride ourselves on inclusiveness, respect, diversity, and multi-grade activities.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular initiatives which may change, but have included archery, golf, cross country running, volleyball, basketball, curling, badminton, track and field and rugby.  Students have also been given the opportunity to experience international trips. In school, we offer a variety of courses which include leadership, cosmetology, music, shop, wildlife, archery, robotics, and foods.  Once again, grades 8 and 9 students will be enrolled in a course which will enable them to study citizenship, volunteerism and global service projects.  We encourage all students to become actively involved in our school and community while they are students at HAK.

The school has excellent support from parents and the community.  We are proud to contribute to our community.

HAK provides students with a very rich and varied school program.


Information about H.A. Kostash School

HAK is a rural school that includes a daycare, Great Beginnings program, kindergarten and Grades 1 to 12.  The school is located in the town of Smoky Lake, which is a vibrant community of 1000 people.  Our community is extremely active and is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes northeast of Edmonton.

At HAK, we offer a variety of courses; including archery, shop, leadership, fine arts, outdoor education, foods and STEAM.  We also offer multi-grade courses and pride ourselves on multi-grade activities throughout the school.  Older students and younger students learn the importance of working together.

Our parent fundraising group is called: "CASA," which stands for: "Community And School Association."  Parents and community members raise funds for our students so they may participate in extra-curricular activities and field trips such as ski trips or camps.  This is an example of our strong tie to the community.  We want our school to be part of the community, and the community to be part of our school.

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