Council Committees

Committees, Commissions, Boards and Authorities Member  Alternate
Alberta Hub  Makowichuk Prockiw-Zarusky
 Alberta Lakeland DMO Kobes   Prockiw-Zarusky
 Community Futures (Four-year term)  Kobes  Member at Large: Morton
 Composite Assessment Review Board  Cherniwchan, Kobes, Prockiw-Zarusky  
 Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC)  Morton  Prockiw-Zarusky
 Evergreen Waste Management Commission  Kobes  Makowichuk
 Family and Community Support Services Board (FCSS)  Morton  Cherniwchan
 Gas Federation  All council  
 GO EAST Tourism  Prockiw-Zarusky


Highway 28/63 Water Service Commission *** (2 Seats) Prockiw-Zarusky, Kobes


Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee (ICC) *** Cherniwchan, Kobes Makowichuk
Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee (ICC) Ad-hoc Working Group Kobes, Prockiw-Zarusky Makowichuk
Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) Committee Morton Cherniwchan
Joint Municipalities All council  
Joint Use and Planning Agreement (JUPA) Morton Prockiw-Zarusky Kobes
Local Assessment Review Board Cherniwchan, Kobes, Prockiw-Zarusky  
Municipally Controlled Corporation (MCC) Cherniwchan, Morton  
Municipal Planning Commission Makowichuk, Morton Member at Large: Maurice Lalonde
Northeast Alberta Alliance for Growth and Opportunities (NAAGO) Cherniwchan  
Northeast Muni-Corr Corporation Kobes Cherniwchan
Northern Lights Regional Library Cherniwchan Kobes
North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance Cherniwchan  
Physicians and Health Care Professionals Committee (Four-year term) Cherniwchan,Morton Prockiw-Zarusky
Regional Community Development Committee (RCDC) Prockiw-Zarusky, Kobes Interim Member at Large: Makowichuk
Regional Emergency Advisory Cherniwchan Morton
Regional Fire Services (Motion to disband Oct 30, 2023). Kobes , Cherniwchan Prockiw-Zarusky
Smoky Lake Agricultural Society Morton Cherniwchan
Smoky Lake Community Daycare Co-op Morton Prockiw-Zarusky
Smoky Lake Foundation *** (1 Seat) Prockiw-Zarusky Makowichuk
Smoky Lake Mineral Rights Development Company All council  
Smoky Lake Municipal Library Board Morton  
Smoky Lake Regional Heritage Board Prockiw-Zarusky Morton
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Cherniwchan, Kobes Prockiw-Zarusky
Ukrainian Twinning Committee Morton, Prockiw-Zarusky  

 Volunteer Committees

Committee Member Alternate
Algonquin Shooting Club Councillor Kobes  
Flower Power All Council  
Smoky Lake Curling Club Councilor Morton Mayor Cherniwchan
Smoky Lake & District Chamber of Commerce Councillor Kobes  
Smoky Lake Pumpkin Growers Association

Deputy-Mayor Prockiw-Zarusky

Councillor Morton

Smoky Lake Riding Club Councillor Makowichuk  
Smoky Lake Rural Crime Watch Mayor Cherniwchan  
Smoky Lake Senior Citizens Club Councillor Kobes  
Smoky Lake Town & Country Golf Club Mayor Cherniwchan  
Smoky Lake Trail Twisters Councillor Morton
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