Is Your Event Eligible?

Eligible events include:

  • Community meetings and events
  • Town-sponsored events
  • Not-for-profit organization events
  • Multi-cultural events and celebrations
  • Not-for-profit events such as exercise, art and culture classes or meetings open to the community
  • Special(one time)events at faith organizations such as Nativity event
  • Registered not-for-profit and charity fundraisers
  • Farmers’ markets within Smoky Lake Region


The following events will not be included on this calendar:

  • For-profit events that are commercial in nature and, in the Town’s sole opinion, are attempting to advertise, promote or sell products or services of an individual or an individual business (e.g. home business parties/sales/demonstrations)
  • Personal garage sales
  • Political events: including notices of partisan political gatherings, nomination meetings, and constituency events. 
  • Regularly scheduled faith services
  • Online contests or recruitment events
  • Events must be held in a physical location within the Smoky Lake Region that can be accessed by the public. For example, online contests or recruitment events will not be accepted.


Events shall not promote hatred or disrespect of any group and shall not discriminate on any grounds covered by the Alberta Human Rights Act. In the event that Town of Smoky Lake becomes aware of any violation of these principles, the posting will immediately be removed from the calendar without notice.

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