Bar-V-Nook Manor

Bar-V-Nook Manor is a modern, gracious – and growing – supportive living home located in the town of Smoky Lake, Alberta. A 60-unit expansion is scheduled to open in 2018, and will allow Bar-V-Nook to welcome residents needing higher levels of care, while continuing to provide a supportive living environment to seniors who live independently.

The name ‘Bar-V-Nook’ is derived from barvinok, a Ukrainian periwinkle symbolising faithfulness, and living in peace throughout the seasons of life. The rich cultural history of the surrounding community and farmland is reflected in many aspects of day to day life at Bar-V-Nook Manor.

The Bar-V-Nook kitchen team produces excellent meals and snacks, much of it a cultural tribute to residents’ traditional foods. The dining room is bright and cheerful with windows looking out to the grounds. Four enclosed courtyards provide a well tended and sheltered spot to enjoy the outdoors.

Bar-V-Nook Manor is an easy walking distance from the town centre with its pharmacy, grocery store, post office, restaurant, drop in centre, and churches. And Bar-V-Nook’s recreation coordinator gets active and creative alongside residents, with exercises, games, activities and outings, as well as organizing guest performances and coordinating visits from school and cultural groups.

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